Problem copying cells in a table

If you copy and paste the content of a cell from a table and you try to paste it into another cell, it copies also the borders. To bypass the problem you need to paste and copy again in an external program like notepad.

You can use control-shift-v to paste without formatting.

Or… you can right click and select “Paste as Text”

Personally - I think this is a “poor” solution.  :-(

If eMClient claims to be the “best email client for Windows”, then it needs to be better than MS Outlook and it needs to improve on it’s table handling abillties.  If I copy from a cell in a table and I paste to a cell in a table eMClient should be aware of it and paste as text automatically.  If I copy multiple cells in a table and paste into the same table it should also be aware of that and paste the data “cell for cell”. It is fairly “normal” to cut a row and then want to paste that row to a different position in the table!

Please improve the product to keep pace with the claim!

Kind regards,

Tony Robson