Problem Contacts

I have a problem after modifying some “contacts”
The message is as follows:
[Google Contacts] Sending to the folder ‘jeanfrancois…’ failed for the following error: Cannot add contacts to deprecated system contact group resource name “contactGroups/family”.
Thank you for your help.

Good evening,
Problem solved by deleting gmail account and then recreating it.
It can help those who have this problem.
Good night.


I have been seeing that same message across my gmail accounts. Will follow your lead. Thanks jeanfrancois!

I have the same problem.
Where can i supprim my gmail account ?
And what about mail who are only in my computer ?
Thanks for your help.

Hello Ladybug076
To delete the gmail account, go to "Menu — <*> Account and delete Gmail and recreate it.
Have a good day.

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Thanks a lot for your answer

Thanks for the tip. Did you need to delete the entire gmail account or just the contacts portion? I hate to have to redownload gigs of emails.

Hello grgrs1,
Before deleting the Gmail account, I put the emails I keep in the directories. Then I deleted the Gmail account.
Hoping to help.
Good afternoon.

Not sure i understand… the emails are stored on the gmail server, so you dont have to do anything to them. I just didnt want to redownload (25GB +/-).

I may have accidentally found a solution… I wiped all my contacts from google and then reimported them, all while eM Client was closed. When I reopened, it synced with no warnings, and SEEMS to be working correctly. The only issue i still have is if i delete a contact on gmail, it doesnt delete in eM. Any ideas on that?

I deleted all but i’ve don’t leavemy email on gmail server so i haven’t a lot to reimport.