Problem : CardDav (contact) configuration with Kerio Connect 7

At the moment we use KERIO as Mail server (we are and Italian certified partner ) and Microsoft Outlook for client with kerio connect but we are not happy about outlook.
We are very interested to change outlook with your product but … not all It’s working fine.
This the situation :
Em client IMAP : OK
Em Client CALDAV : OK
Em Client CARDAV : little problem
Configuration :
Server > Kerio Connect 7.1.2 build 2260, installed on CentOS release 5.5 (Final), x86 (VM)
Client > emClient

Configuration account emClient : IMAP : ok CalDav Calendar
Card Kerio instruction http://servername/contacts/domain/use…
so it becam
Cardav : we use…(contat is correct )
I can write new contact and you see on the Kerio side this new client , but it disappear from em client . Permission on the folder : full control (amministratore)
We you solve us this problem we want to change our acutal client (outlook) with em client. Thank you . Marco Longo

If you need more information, let us know , we are also avalaible to give an rdp session to see the problem on our system.

Thank you in advance.

Hello Marco,
I sent you an email with more details.

Libor Grafnetr

Me too - or is this confidential information???

the configuration information Marco provided is correct. You can find it also here


I seem to be having the same problem.

I am testing em client as an alternative to outlook.
When adding carddav sync I receive errors.

EMclient says it cannot find the contacts folders.

Still… I an add an contact and after “refresh” the contact is viewable in the kerio webmail. But as stated above it has disapeared in EMclient (where I added it).

What was the sollution for the topic starter?

Are you sure you set your contacts folders permissions correctly?

Yes. A collegea of you has contacted me and helped me with this problem. It is not yet resolved but seems to be an issue with Kerio. I submitted it to there support.

How about we get this working better with kerio connect? Http push of email (like active sync) vs IMAP. same with public folders and contacts and notes and and and…

Kerio is very interested in working with emclient to get full integration.

I am not sure if my problem fits here: eM Client 4 and Kerio 7.4 do work, but public contact folders are displayed in eM Client as empty folders while personal folders are working.

Any ideas?…