Problem adding email account linked to my Microsoft account

As above, when I click on “Finish” this web page pops up:

“Are you trying to sign in to eM Client?
Only continue if you’ve downloaded the app from a store or website that you trust.”

When I click on “Continue” nothing happens and the “Finish” page is still there. I’ve tried this a number of times but something (presumably Microsoft) is stopping me finishing.

Can you set a different web browser as the default in your Windows OS settings, then try the account setup in eM Client again.

I was using Chrome and have changed to Edge. Still the same loop.
Using Windows 11.

At the end of the eM Client email wizard, (tab around) to see what is running in the windows behind. There will be a browser window running somewhere with a button to press to allow eM Client access to your Microsoft account.

If you tab around to all your open tasks and still cannot see it, then look on the taskbar along the bottom to see what programs are running and currently open. There might be a browser there that’s minimized that just needs clicking to open and may not have automatically opened at the end of the email wizard.

Still not working. I should have mentioned that there is a small pop-up in emclient (not the set-up wizard) which says:
“Password required for [my email address]
This operation may take a while to complete.
Please be patient.”
And there it hangs and I have not been asked for a password.