Problem a response letter template. In several cases with specific addresses template does not work

Problem with response and forward letter templates.

Mostly they work great.
But in several cases with specific addresses (when answer, or forward) template does not work. 
In fact, they does not always use background  when answer or forward.
I assigned all the letters I answer and forward definite backgrounds (not white). 
As a result, 70% of letters  used colors in templates. And 30% - failed - they show default white color. Failure only with specific addresses. Not with all.

All new letters use colors of templates perfectly. 
All answers and forwards use signature assigned in templates with no exceptions.

Thats all. Thank you.
Version 7.027943.0

Hello Oleg,

Could you please tell us what is your setting in Menu ->Tools -> Settings -> Mail -> Compose - Mail format - Mail format for reply? If it is ‘Autodetect from the original message’, it’s possible that some of the e-mails that you’re replying to are in Plain text and your reply is consequently in plain text as well (=no background).

If that is not the case, can you send us an example of such a message in .eml (please right-click it and select ‘Save As…’) to [email protected] with a link to this thread and description of what addresses behave in this way so we can examine it more closely?


Thanks for your fast and wise reply!
Well, in fact some time ago looking through settings I found that they answering in Plain text. 
Sorry for my carelessness!
Have a nice day!