PRO user and no response at PRO support

EM client has a lot of issues removing items takes forever, loading up content of mail takes ages.
Tried to contact the PRO support, but there is no one who can respond to the payed clients, so trying my luck here…

What a mess!

-latest EM client version of version 8
-business Google accounts (IMAP)
-removed a lot of mails and only one account. This did not help
-downloading messages for offline does not help

Bought a brand new computer this year


-loading content of mail takes forever
-removing mails takes forever
-sending mail takes forever

I get the running bar constantly when checking the content of the mail

I’m so fed up with how they manage there clients… BAH.

If someone has an idea on how to fix this (maybe a setting in Google Business or EM client?) would be very much appreciated

When did you open your ticket? Remember that Support usually take about 24 hours to respond, and they are closed on the weekends.

Can you say what version?

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your reply.

It takes weeks for them to respond. Apologizing for there late replies without any solution.

Version 8.1876

I don’t have that experience. My tickets are usually addressed within 24 hours. Of course if I set the priority to Low, then I don’t really expect an immediate reply. There is also that to consider.

But it is probably better to direct your complaint to eM Client, rather than on a user supported forum. No one here can assist you with your issue with Support.

I would think that has something to do with the connection. Either something is interfering, or there are some errors.

Can you try disabling any anti-virus/firewall or VPN software and try again. You can also try booting Windows into Safe Mode, open eM Client and see what happens.

As for errors, look in the Log tab in Menu > Operations. You will find any IMAP errors there. Mostly you will need Support to tell you what they mean, but there might be some clue.

This can be also be caused by the connection, but maybe a very large database on a slow hard disk. That you have a new computer this year means you probably have a fairly good SSD, but if you have moved the database to a mechanical disk, or a network share for example, that could reduce performance noticeably.

The priority is set to the highest level and even opened a new ticket for this, but still nothing.
I really do not understand why they do not respond to me, that’s why I turned to the ‘free user’ forum.

I don’t know.

Even though it is no excuse, there have been periods when Support seems to be overwhelmed, like with the release of version 8.0. Maybe the same is true with the release of 8.1 and they are still trying to catch up.

Nothing else I can say about Support, except that I am sorry you are having a bad experience.

I’l wait for the reply then…

Thank you

You are not alone. I have an outstanding ticket from 5 weeks ago despite regular reminders posted.

Then write to eM Client directly. It does not help making complaints on a user supported forum as we are all just users here and cannot assist you with issues you are having with the company.

What do you think writing follow-up tickets with ‘High’ or higher classifications is? I wasn’t asking for help here.

No, I did not say to open another ticket, I said to write to eM Client directly.

If you post a comment or question here, you will most likely get some response. If you don’t want a response, don’t post.

You are advocating people bypass the support system? They are not advertising a direct support email as far as I can see. Do you have a link? We might all find it more use.

Of course. I was not complaining about getting a response, I was commiserating with a fellow pro user about abysmal support response times.

No, but if you have issues contacting Support, the website does offer direct contact information for the company.

I am having no problem contacting support, my problem is with them failing to respond. No reason to believe an email to info@emclient will receive any better response.

Exactly. If you are not receiving a response, you are not establishing contact with them.

Not ‘exactly’. They have received my (two) tickets, they are on their system plus the repeat follow ups to which they still have not responded. The same with the OP. Are you suggesting their support system should be bypassed and we all mail in just in case they miss a request on their ticketing system?

It is pointless to continue this Brian.

For other users who may have issues with contacting Support, please write to eM Client Inc. directly with your concerns about any break in communication through the ticketing system. Contact information is on their web site.

Otherwise this is a user supported forum where fellow users can assist you with issues related to the application. Nobody here can interface on your behalf with the company.

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If you are not having a ‘good’ day try not to take it out on the volunteers unless of course you don’t want any future assistance.

The problem here is that I payed for the program and expecting a decent support/working program which is not currently (for me).

Support is lacking for months and trying now to get in touch with them through there pro support help and now on the forum without any reply from them for now…
Let’s see what happens tomorrow when a new week starts…

A very dissapointed pro user…