Pro upgrade installation process

I have been running the Free version (now rel 6.0.24928.0) with a couple of accounts for approx 3 years, and now want to upgrade to Pro (rel 7 if possible, not 6), but have 1000’s of emails, stored in dozens of folders, as well as 100’s of contacts in separate groups, resulting in an eM Client zipped backup file of approx 1.5 Gb.

My question is, after I pay for and download the Pro version file and go to install it, will the new version import and preserve ALL of my current message store and contacts Automatically, or is there some special pre upgrade process I need to complete first to make sure I don’t lose anything when upgrading?

Also, it is now June 2016, and if I go and purchase Pro now and only get to buy rel 6, will I still get rel 7 for free when it finally comes out?