Pro Support Expiration?

So, a Pro License with lifetime updates only has a 1-year limit for Pro support? My support account has expired in the middle of a ticket. So much for paying the premium for the Pro version. Is this intentional? I’ve been trying to report 2 minor bugs and have gotten terrible or no responses even after providing the log files requested. I don’t even care. It’s minor. It’s poor customer service to paying customers who care that get under my skin. I’m trying to be a good user. They actually asked me to give remote access and to email them my username & password. Really? That’s the #1 no no with anything and anyone. Beware.

The bugs are intermittent when eM Client is launched, the banner shows, and the app minimizes to the taskbar. When I maximize the app, it does not fill the screen and I have to click the maximize button in right corner to finish maximizing. Minimize and close to tray are not selected in Settings. I’ve reported this previously and even then, got no real response. I have since did a clean install of Win 11 Pro and eM Client and did not use a backup. I started from scratch and the same issue exists.

Can you please give the ticket number and I will investigate further.

Ticket ID… 139458

I read through the ticket and see that you did not want to take advantage of the remote session.

I understand your reluctance, but it is a fairly typical support method, and enables the agent to see what is going on. It is normally easier to do it that way than have a back-and-forth text description, which one or both might not fully understand. The ID and password that TeamViewer provides for the remote connection is a one-off, and once the session is complete, it can’t be used again. It has nothing to do with any username or password you have; it is just generated specifically for this single connection.

Would you reconsider taking advantage of that offer?

But if not, I see that the issue pretty much describes the existing issue that Microsoft has with the Windows 11 UI automation. I believe they have been making some progress to fix it, but I am not aware that it has yet been released in an update. Running eM Client in Windows 8 compatibility mode may bypass the UI automation, so that could rule out many causes.

Your VIP Support has just expired. Don’t worry about that; we will continue to help you resolve the current issue.

Same thing. I changed to Win 8 compatibility mode and from the 1st launch it minimized. I closed and reopened, and it opened but not maximized. I repeated 3 times and it opened ok but as I was typing this, I thought I’d try again, and it happened again. Oh well. Minor. Just an irritation.