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I plan to purchase a Pro License for eM Client.  I see that a beta for version 7 was recently made available.  If I buy a license for version 6 now, would I have to buy a new license for version 7?  Thanks.

If you buy the Lifetime version, you will be allowed to upgrade to any other version after that for free. If you don’t by the LIfetime version, you will only be allowed to upgrade to future enhancements of v6. I assume that if you do purchase the non-lifetime version and v7 is subsequently released a short time afterwards, they may allow you to upgrade for free or for a small fee, but there is nothing listed on their website about that.

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Hello G S,
if you buy a Life-time upgrades with your license, you will not have to worry about upgrading to version 7 at all.
If you buy it without, there is usually a small fee when going to a higher numbered version.
Seeing as the BETA is out already and we are behind on the version 7 release, I suggest contacting our sales department ( about your purchase at this time, as there might be some exceptions made.