Pro license questions. Where's the license document?

Hi, i’m considering buying Pro license, but i can’t find anywhere the pro license agreement document before paying(would i see one after paying?).

I had to check forums to learn that i can only use one license per machine.

Now i don’t know if i can use one license on multiple windows accounts on one machine.(?)
What is VIP support? There’s no information anywhere. 
I’ve read somewhere that VIP support is only for a year. What happens after that? Can i refresh my VIP support?
If license is bound to hardware, what happens when i change my machine to new one, or change some parts in PC?

menu - help - license

No documents there in my demo version. No links to documents. Not even a link to trial/demo version license.

the basic Terms of Use are available at the bottom of our website:
By creating a FREE license/buying a PRO license those are the terms you agree to.
If you have specific questions about these terms you can contat our Sales department directly -

If you check the pricing options here - - you can see that the basic purchase/Free option are a SINGLE PC LICENSE.
The license is indeed PER DEVICE. So even if you have more windows accounts you still need just one license for that device.

VIP Support is the same thing as the PRO support/PRO Users support (seems like the old name got stuck in some parts of our website, we will try to clean up the inconsistencies).
The system of the support is explained here - and accessible here -
The change to make PRO support limited to one year has been planned for a long time now but not executed yet. So the PRO support is currently available to all PRO users no matter how old their licenses are.
The support will be available for a small yearly fee in the future (with a first year for free as part of the License purchase).

If you change your device you can definitely re-use your license again.
All you need to do it deactivate the license activation tied to the specific device and activate it again on a new/changed device.
This can be done on our Licensing server ( or with assistance of our support staff.