Pro licence - how many installs per licence?

Can I use a Pro licence to install eM Client on both my desktop PC and laptop? Other products I own allow installation on both desktop and laptop PC at the same time, as long as only one is used at a time.
Is this the case with eM Client?

miércoles 27 octubre 2021 :: 1141hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @giskard

Unfortunately, one License, one machine and I also have a similar situation with Desktop/Laptop.
You can, however, run a Free License on one.
Or, if both are not in use at the same time, temporally deactivate one machine and swop back and forth.
You can also run Menu ->Backup on N°1 machine, then copy the backup file to N°2 machine and run Menu ->File ->Restore - reverse the process when you change back.
Or, of course buy 2 Licenses.

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Thanks @skybat

Thinking about it, I’ll probably install the free licence on my laptop and use the Pro licence on my desktop, though having said that, I could probably get away with a free licence on my desktop as I’ll be using it with 2 email accounts and no more (since dropping the third email service), but I do feel that if I’m using a product a lot, then I should contribute to the cost of it’s development so I’ll be buying a Pro licence, but will wait for any Black Friday discount as I’m on a tight budget.

I have that same impression. Running Pro licenses on both my desktop and my laptop to support this great software.