"Private" by default

Please change the default behavior of the calendar’s “Private event” attribute from “Public” to “Private.”  Since the current default is “Public,” all event details are shown to others when synced to and shared with Google Calendar, even when your Google Calendar behavior is set to “Share only free/busy.”  This is discussed in detail as a “Problem” in another post, but I want to highlight that this is still a problem for me and a change in the default would fix.  Even better would be to handle it like Google Calendar and provide a user settable default. 

Thanks!  eM keeps getting better and better! 


Hi Bryan, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases, however we do believe the current default setup is more user friendly than making your events private by default causing other people not to see details of your event in a calendar.

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Thanks for the reply, Paul.  I’m surprised that eM is happy with the current behavior.  I have been viewing other people’s scheduled free/busy times for over 15 years and no one shares their details, even though it is easy to do.  Perhaps this is a difference between business users and “social” users?  If you examine the downside to each, the downside to hiding your details is that your friends have to ask you to share them.  The downside to sharing your details if you don’t realize they are being shared seems much worse to me.  What if you don’t want your employee to see that you are interviewing their replacement, but the details go out as public information?  There are many times when I book a doctor’s appointment with some personal information that I don’t want to share.  The list goes on.  Assuming you have users who prefer their lives shared as an open book, please realize that we do not all operate that way.  This may lead to instituting a “setting” to customize each user’s default value.  Thanks for listening! 


I agree that’s not a good idea to change this behaviour to a different value and implement this as a permanent and not changeable setting.

I would suggest to add a new option so everybody can set this to his/her preferred value.

Hence, it’s not a discussion about a different and fixed value, but to add a new setting to emClient that everyone can change himself.


Hi it is a changeable setting, however it does not allow you to mark the events as private automatically, as I mentioned we’re considering adding the feature to future updates.
We’re currently working on an upcoming upgrade, it might be included in that release.

Thank you for understanding,

When used EWS, the private setting does not work anymore. Selected or not selected, all appointments are synced private to the server.

eM client 6.0.24928.0
Kerio Connect 9.0.3
Account added as Exchange account.

Why is this even being discussed or “Under Consideration”?  Stop forcing us to take the option EM Client decides shoudl be default and give us a simple setting:  Default calendar entry visibility: ___ Public    ___ Private.

I want mine to be all private by default and only share specific ones.  Someone else wants the opposite.  This is a very, very simple enhancement and has been asked for 3 years ago.

Same for me, I want mine to be all private by default and only share specific ones. When???

I just found out my diary had been shared with all staff for last 1 year without me knowing. If your in a sensitive role there is no way you can use public meeting as default. This is a big issue for me. any timeline for a release/fix?

Hello. This is a major privacy issue ; also reported here default google calender entries in eM Client is Public - #13 by Erwan ; is there any fix in the pipeline ??

It looks as though users being unable to choose the default setting of “private” has been an intractable issues since 2014. So, I do not know if this post will matter, but I want the same change.

Lack of having this feature made me miss a conflict and put myself into a situation that I very much regret. Please reconsider giving users the option to choose this - and other - default settings.

Also, clicking the check box in eClient for a “private” event does not always read private status on the Google Calendar that I share with clients.

Please be kind and give users of eClient the option to set defaults. Thank you.

This feature remains extremely needed. You’re bypassing Google Agenda default visibility and exposing calendar events without telling the users.

The original message in this thread was 9 years ago. I’m very happy with emClient other than the Calendar Privacy issue. FYI: I was initially impressed to the point that I bought the lifetime Pro account.

I am so disgusted with their lack of consideration for Calendar “Private” by default that I will DUMP emClient as soon as another Client comes along that DOES care about their clients Privacy. With such a glaring flaw in privacy having lasted for 9 years without repair, I wonder about the truth of their claimed Privacy Protections.

Is it too much to ask that you fix it after almost a decade of being aware of it?

I am running version 9.2.2093 (6d2fe6b)