priority pro support in the community forum

As a pro license user, I have the choice between a “pro support” submission vs. a community forum post here whenever I have a question. I wish this weren’t an exclusive choice. I wish there were a way to just post here for everybody to see and contribute, while at the same time having the “pro support” perk of expecting a timely official response. It should certainly be possible to match or otherwise verify my forum login against the database of registered users, and such an arrangement would alleviate the need to duplicate the same questions between the two avenues.

I am also a pro license user and never was under the impression that I could either post here or use the pro support. I have used both dpending on the subject matter and never had any difficulties.

Hello Liviu,

As a PRO licence owner, you can of course use both channels to get support. Sometimes the direct PRO Support will be much faster because my colleagues from the Tech Support can use the Teamviewer session to help you. On the other hand, this community forum is full of interesting fixes and workarounds which might help you immediately without a need of contacting the PRO support.


I can of course post in both places, but some of the eM support also watch both. It’s a waste of time for them to “deduplicate” the posts, and in some cases it may be a loss to the community to miss on resolutions of possibly wider interest.

Unrelated, but the idea of providing priority support (for subscribers) out in the open was used by Microsoft with the MSDN newsgroups longtime ago, and it worked pretty well while it lasted.