Printing contacts

I was looking around printing contacts using card view and noticed that several of my contacts show an email and email2. Both email address are the same.

However, there is only one email address in each of the contacts. I checked each of the possible fields.

Any ideas why?  Or a bug?

Hi, not sure there’s a lot of scenarios of what could cause this, it could be your server or anything else in this matter.
Are you maybe able to replicate this issue? Are you sure the contact contained the email address just once, did you ever use some contact merger tool or something?

There’s not much information that I could use to determine whether this is actually an eM Client’s issue.

Thank you,

I checked everything from difference sources (web, other apps) and confirmed I did not have duplicates in any of the email fields.

I did find a fix though. 

I found that by making the email box (Email, Work, Home, etc) as Default then when I printed the contacts there was only one email showing. Not sure why that worked, but it did.

Thanks for the quick response.

Hi, I’m glad you’ve found a solution even though the application’s behavior was quite odd. If you come across this issue again, or any other issues, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,