Printing calendars in color

Are there any plans on supporting calendarprinting in color?
We use eM Client at work for “lightweight” resource planning, and with resources having seperate calendars (and different colors) it looks great on screen!
Sometimes though it would be nice to be able to print out 2 or 3 calendars on the same sheet of paper, and still be able to see where each job belongs.

Maybe something similar to a printed week from iCal, with color legends?

Hi, we use IE core to manage this. For us in the office right now we can print in colour without problem.

could you try to make test print from IE if it will come in colour or in black please? You can also update your IE to latest version and if possible then reset it to default, there can be something preventing colourful printing.


If by IE you mean Internet Explorer, then yes this prints in color (Win 8.1 Pro up to date).
eM Client calendars will print in color only if I categorize the events, but that will be quite a chore to categorize all events…

Hi, unfortunately newest info from my colleague is that eM Client can print black and white only and to workaround it you have to categorize those events.