Printing ALL Contact Information -- is that an option?

We are in the process of shifting our office email programs from Windows Live Mail to eMClient (hopefully).   A huge part of our business is contacts, and we always print a hardcopy of our contact information, for our files.  

When I go to print the contact information for a Customer, the only fields that print are:  Full Name, Organization, Address (NOT COUNTRY), phone numbers and email address.

Is it possible to print ALL fields entered?  (including website, country, NOTES)?

We may have to look for another Email Program if this is not an option…  which is a shame because we really like eMClient.

Please advise, thank you.

The best way to do this is to copy them into Excel.  When in the contacts view, click on “Custom view”.  You can then change column headings and position.  Select the first item, and press ctl-shift-end.  Right-click, and select “Export” and the “Export to CSV”.  The csv file can then be opened in Excel (or other spreadsheet) and printed (yuck).

Thanks Jay.  Yuck is right – printing via Excel is a time consuming and not-so-pretty process.
I appreciate your reply.