Printing after new outlook setting

After setting up my outlook acount with the recomended IMAP setting in em client v6  it s now crashing when i go to print an email , then it resarts the programm any solution to correct this.


Hello Nigel,
what version of eM Client are you running - please check exact number in Help>About section.
Does this happen with messages only on your outlook account or from others too? If you remove the outlook account, does the issue persist?


Hi Olivia thanks for coming back to me. im am running version 6.0.24928.0. with outlook  only account but It’s also crashing on other accounts to as ive installed it on one of my customers computers who uses there internet service providers email account, to which i only set up a few weeks back using the manual imap method and he has phoned me about this problem last saturday along with another customer who has out look .

When you push the print icon all is ok when you click print on on the printer selection box it says eM client has stopped working .  once you click close programm it goes through a data base check before opening .