Printing a selected contact - all details

Is there a way to print a selected contact and all its details (notes, etc)? There is the print selected option but it only prints phone list or card view. I want all details in the contact especially the text in the Notes field. If not could this be a future feature?
p.s. Print selected for Tasks and calendar entries seems to include ll details.

Just wanted to add the function requested is as in Outlook , go to People then select - File --> Print

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, notes can not be part of the Contacts print, maybe in future release of the application.

Thank you,

Ok and thank you for the response. I hope the functionality comes one day as It is the only thing I miss that outlook has. As mentioned above I think it is possible as you do display the Notes information when you open a contact so if you can display it you can print it. Lets hope you can add this function one day. Ta.

Due to lack support to Dav protocols, I would like to migrate my Microsoft Outlook to EM.
For test i have done, EM has the best support for caldav and cardav, but still today on latest versions 7, still missing an option to print full contact details (like Activities or Calendar)… do you have a scheduling to do that ?

This is a short coming of an otherwise excellent program
I hope in the near future this can be implemented
It will only make a good email program better
I was surprised to find such a feature not available