"print selected" in calendar creates 5000 pages!

I’ve an element in my calendar (created by my self with emClient) an d try “Print selected” command.

  1. this right click menu is still in english while rest of application is in French
  2. the printing window pops up with “preview generator” in addition: in this windows counter increases without stop to more than 2000

    If I use “Cancel” button, it stops and printing windows proposes only 1 page, without police and color specificities from the calendar element
  3. using the printing menu lead to hundreds of pages
    (I stopped at 90 to save paper in printer)

I’m back from the printer: all the pages have only a title and a line: no contents but paper is used… :frowning:

Same behavior here but not on every print selection action, the problem comes up sometimes - restarting emclient doesn’t help . It affects multiple installations on different machines that try to print the detail view of a selection of appointments located on a CalDAV (ownCloud) calendar.

Your initial post is about six months old, did you analyze/fix that problem in the meantime?