print preview

When attempting a print preview, the preview screen pops up and the timer runs, but nothing happens. 

Me too… how to solve this issue?? i using win10

Thus bug has been the subject of several threads in this forum. I am using the latest version:

This needs to be acknowledged and fixed ASAP.

Being a pro user I have just opened a ticket for the pro support. I will keep you posted on the ongoing success.


Please do.

There is a newer version that fixes the print preview bug: V7.0.26861. I got it as an answer to my ticket from Pro Support. The download link is:

Hello,  I am on the newer version and still have the print preview issue.

 V7.0.26861. worked, I now can see print preview. 

Finally! Thank you, Peter.

For me it is working now too… :slight_smile:

I tried the newest version (V7.0.26861), and still can’t get print preview to work.  This definitely needs to be fixed.