print preview will not close - locking out all else

Printed 1 of 2 pages in print preview, but now print preview will not close. It has all other client functions hung, because the preview is active. I am able to maneuver within the preview. Not sure of what task I could kill to exit without ruining something ?

Hi Mark,

it is not recommended to quit application this way as this can cause database corruption. I will need you to specify your eM Client version.
If this will happen to you next time you can create dump files via task manager by
right-click on eM CLient process>create dump file, this can help us to understand what caused application freeze.
Please send this file to [email protected]

The print dialogue (incl. print preview) has 3 commands: “save as pdf”, “print” and “cancel”. only when you click “cancel” does the dialogue close. After printing or saving to pdf the dialogue remains open and has to be closed manually, either by clicking on the “close button” (x in the top right cormer) or on the “cancel” button. Both work for me. I am using version 7.1.29274.0.

It would be an improvement if the print dialogue automatically closed after printing or saving to pdf as well.

Any ETA for the final version of 7.1 (like "early next century :wink: ) ???