Print Preview Hanging

When I try to print preview an email, I get the Print Preview screen to display, but the image won’t load. There’s a little circle going round in the middle. I’ve left it for a few minutes but no change. I can close the dialog and return to the main screen, however. Any ideas?  I’m running eM7 on Windows 10.

hi! i have the same problem here. nothing happens at all.

I have the same problem too! I get a white window with a circle. Nothing is displayed. I’m running eM7 on Windows 10 x64 with all updates.

Same issue here on multiple machines :confused:

Windows 10 x64 em7.02.26687.0

Same issue here on a RDP Server (2012 R2)

Please try the following version: If it doesn’t resolve the problem we will try to gather more information. Thanks!

Thanks, that’s solved the hanging print preview issue for me.  Just a small point, but print preview doesn’t automatically close when I print the email from the print preview screen.
Any chance of looking into the failure of the eM Client v7 upgrade to transfer Calendar and Task items from the previous version?

Also, when I press the print button (from print preview) the dialogue screen that appears won’t give me the option to do other than print “All”.

I had the same problem but the response from filip above fixed it

Has that solved the inability of EM7 to print selected pages only?

I do confirm: issue fixed, thanks.

Just tried it: Print preview works but printing is still all or nothing.

I never had the need to only print selected pages of a mail. But if that is important to you, Thunderbird 45.3 and Outlook 2016 offer that choice.

Last week I opened a ticket with pro support and today they sent me the latest version, which not only solved the print preview bug but also the bug that you could not print selected pages only. So all is well in that reapect:

Last time I upgraded emclient, I lost all my Calendar and Tasks. Has this been fixed?

I only have one calendar (Google) and  - as retiree - not to many tasks. What little I have is still intact.