Pricing version 7

Whoaaa the price exploded to a 50 USD while I bought the licence for the 6th version at just 19 USD!!! Don’t you think you’re asking too much?!?!??!?

And to be honest they have not added many new features, even small requested enhancements have been dismissed and ignored.

I don’t want to sponsor another client but this is a competitive world and I just discover that Mailbird is offering lifetime license for 22 USD if you make the purchase in the 3 hours after your first visit on website. Otherwise, total price is 45 USD, always less than eMclient.

I know Mailbird, too. Unfortunately it does not offer CalDav and CarDav yet. This is still an advantage of emClient, maybe the only one in comparison to its competitors.

I’ve got a TheBat! license, too, a pretty old one, unfortunately no CalDav and CardDav support either.
Previously, I’ve used Thunderbird for many years without any problems. If you add, however, a few new accounts that need different connections to CalDav servers with different login credentials, it becomes a PITA to set up.

Hence, I’ve to stick with my lifetime license and emClient, but won’t update right now because the release candidate of emClient messed up with all of my rules, and I’ve got about 100 rules set up.


Hello Daniele,
please contact our Sales department at about any price irregularities.
Are you perhaps looking at a price for numerous licenses instead of just one?