previous version's data

Version 7.

How to Recover Data from the previous version?

_It’s only written how _to “Remove old data”!

More details :
At application start, an alert telling me that has occurred an abnormal termination and that would have checked the data.
After the check all my folders archive have strange names

(for example : 41414D6B414446694F47566B4F446B794C57566C5A6A51744E446B32595330354D6A4D784C546C6C4E57457A5A4759314F5468694D674175414141414141434B78515031334D676954704450423342444A474E7441514256794D766677414D56525A50342F7867474462595141414141652B75694141413D).

btw there wasn’t any abnormal termination!

The data from previous version are still in the same database location. They can be reused for import to version 7 or for downgrade back to version 6. The downgrade can be performed by uninstalling eM Client and then reinstalling version 6, which is available for download from

I assume you use Exchange server and the archive folders are imported from version 6. We will try to reproduce the issue.

thanks for reply!

I use Exchange server but I think that the issue isn’t related with the version 6 import because, when I switched to version 7, the archive was correctly imported and I used the new version with no problem for different days.

If it could be useful, I successfully imported the data from previous version with this steps:

  1. create a new dir
  2. set the new dir path into the General > Storage > Database Location field
  3. restart emClient
  4. import data from file > import > import from em client 6