Preview window is getting squished and shrunk

Hi all,

I have a client who uses eM Client for their email.
I’m completely unfamiliar with the software, so I’m hoping for some help.

Recently, they have some of their emails showing up with the preview window squished into a tiny strip, maybe an inch or two wide on the screen, centered in the middle.

This looks like a glitch to me, based upon prior experience with email clients, but as for where to begin troubleshooting this one, I’m at a bit of a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Its not a bug with eM Client, but a problem with either the initial installation or eM Client program upgrade somewhere.

First thing would be to backup the program via “Menu / Backup” using eg: the Windows ver, and then uninstall the program and “don’t delete the database” on uninstall. Then re-download the current ver or later version from the eM Client ver history page and reinstall and see if the preview issue is resolved.

Note: You can check what eM Client version you have via “Menu / Help / About”.

(eM Client ver history page).

If still a problem, backup eM Client again & then uninstall the program and this time “delete the database” on uninstall. Then reinstall eM Client and skip the email account setup and restore your backup via “Menu / File / Restore” and see if the preview issue is resolved.

You can try right-click in the message body and choose Zoom > Original.

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I should also note, this is on a Mac, in case that means anything different.

Thanks Gary and cyberzork.

I’ll have to get ahold of the client and see if these resolve the issue, and report back.