preserve time stamps from server restore

Although backup function on EM Client is set to perform on a weekly basis, last back up show is from 2014. When I have my ISP restore my mail from their server all the time stamps are display as the current date of the restore not the time stamp contained in the header so I end up with 6 months of emails that I can’t determine the time actually received without opening each email. This is a major problem with 6 months of emails. These are IMAP accounts. Is there any setting to force EM Client to use the time stamp contained in the header of the email rather then the date that the restore from the server is performed?

Hello Richard, not quite sure what display date you’re referring to, can you please make a screenshot of the issue, note that eM Client displays both information, in the list of received items you can see the time and date of when the message was received on your server, if you’re restoring server backup, I’m afraid this is not possible to workaround.

If however the message header contains different time/date you should be able to display the header date by opening the message’s details. The header should display the time included in the message’s header source code.

Thank you,