Presale Q - Lifetime upgrades?

I wonder, how often in the past has a version been updated where the previous license had to be renewed?

I wonder because I am considering upgrading to Pro, however I don’t understand the need of Lifetime Upgrades.

Is there any M1 version of eM Client in the works that would need this upgraded license if so?

A Free license is one license for all versions of eM Client. So it will work with 8.x, 9.x, 10.x etc.

A Pro license is per version. So if you buy one now, it is for version 8.x only. It will not work with version 9.x and beyond unless you purchase a separate upgrade for each version. Version 6 ran for about 2 years, version 7 for about 4 years, and version 8 will be about 2 years. Version 9 will be released next year.

A Lifetime Upgrade license allows you to use the same license with all future versions of eM Client without any further purchases.

The Mac version of eM Client runs on MacOS devices with the M1 chip. The same license can be activated on a PC or Mac.