Preparing to Export?

Hello there, I’m trying to Export to eml, but once I select inbox, the destination folder, and click Finish. It will hand on the “Preparing” window forever… I left it for 1h30 and nothing happened. Can I troubleshoot this somehow?

If the messages are not fully cached in eM Client, they will need to be downloaded from the server before they can be exported. If there are large attachments, that could take some time.

hi Gary, thanks for your reply. How can I check if they are fully cached in eM Client? Or how can make sure they get so I can proceed?

I suppose the easiest way is to disconnect the computer from the Internet, then try open a message and it’s attachment. If you can see the full message and open the attachment, then it is cached.

You can set eM Client to automatically download the complete message when it arrives by going to Menu > Accounts then in the IMAP tab for the account. Scroll down to Sync Options, tick both, and click on Save & Close. eM Client will then begin downloading all the content for that account, if it has not already done so. (Obviously you need to reconnect to the Internet for that to happen :innocent:)