Pre sale questions

Hi, I have one presale question. couldn’t find this information anywhere.

  • Can I track open or link clicks of the sent emails?

Thank you

miércoles 24 noviembre 2021 :: 1728hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @manoj-lk

You cannot do that from within eMC, you would need to use a specific program, however, as I don’t know where you are, note the following.

In Europe under GDPR you need explicit permission to track (read confirmation) any EU resident’s emails, whether they’re prospects or customers, even if you are sending from outside the EU.
Without your recipients opting in to email tracking, GDPR legislation states you can’t use email tracking to tell:
If an email you sent was opened or read
When that email was opened
How many times it was opened
If it was transferred to others
To which email server it was sent, including its location
What kind of web navigator and operating system the recipient of the email uses.

Be aware that if you are caught tracking without permission, subsequently prosecuted and convicted the punishments are severe.

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