Pre-Purchase "Invite" Question

Currently using the free version of eM Client and have a pre-purchase question.

In the pro version, can the “Invite to eM Client” toolbar button be removed and can the occasional “invite” popup (when starting the program) be disabled?

the “Invite to eM Client” button will remain in the pro version, but the Invite popup window will no longer appear.

Thank you for the info.
Glad I asked before purchase, as that is a deal breaker (actually, the inability to customize my toolbar is the deal breaker…still, that is just of particular annoyance).

Is this really so Important for you that you do not want to purchase PRO version? I think you can Ignore the Invite button and use our product without any restrictions.

It is apparently so important to eM Client that they won’t let me remove it, so why shouldn’t it be just as important to me?

This, by itself, would likely not be a complete deal breaker, but when you add some of the other things eM does, it becomes a factor.

  1. Cannot customize toolbar (annoying) or remove social spam button (even worse)
  2. Em Client displays gmail/[spam] as gmail/[Junk Folders] (philosophical issue…client should NOT arbitrarily alter the display of sever side data.
  3. Can create automated rules, can create local folders, can NOT create age based rules to move mail to local folders for automated archiving (just dumb).
  4. Display full email with downloaded content is either all or nothing with no way to whitelist specific addresse (pushing show content button for every Amazon Daily Deal email gets old).

In the end, I really like a lot about the client and the gmail integration is the best I’ve seen. That said, every week or so it seems I get frustrated and begin trying other clients (or going back to Outlook so I don’t have to maunually search then wait for my files to archive) and I can’t justify buying it while I am still actively looking.

  1. It is planned.
  2. We changed it to make these names consistent within the program.
  3. Automatic archiving will be implemented in the next major update. If you want, I can send you our internal version for testing.
  4. Whitelist feature is in our todo list.

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate the update. Out of those, number 3 (automated archive) is by far the biggest concern, and I am very happy to hear it is coming soon. Any idea when the date for the next next major update will be?

As for the others, it is nice to hear they are on your radar.

You can expect it in a few weeks. We are finishing Beta version.

The “Invite to eM Client” button issue for me is simply this, I don’t want a button (and it’s not a small button) on my tool-bar that I will never use and which can’t be removed, I wonder if it’s just a registry entry?

Same for me - have just downloaded the client and was looking to “clean up the UI” as I’m used to do with new software. While the speed and features are impressive, I dislike to have buttons/items/labels on my UI that _I_ never use.

I’ll keep this software on my watchlist and see how the ‘cleanup-ability’ of the UI progresses (not using chat, if I would tell a friend about this product - I’d most certainly not use the invite button but write a proper recommendation or send a link or just talk about it…)

But it’s otherwise probably the fastest mail/contact/calendar client I’ve seen on windows.

you can hide the Chat panel from the right sidebar by right clicking on the Chat pane header and un-ticking “Chat”.

Invite to eM Client button is disabled in the PRO version.

Thanks for the answer. That does make the choice more likely. I’ll go look for an answer to one more question, though.

OK, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask me.