Pourquoi «déplacer dossier» impossible?

Pourquoi la possibilité de «Déplacer un dossier» (de «Supprimés» vers courriels «Reçus») n’est pas activable?
Merci. Gabriel

I presume its because folders are “not email messages” and don’t show up the same way in the Trash.

You normally delete the messages from the folder / label first before deleting a folder / label as the email messages can then be recovered from the trash back to either the same folder / label name if you recreated it later, or any other folder / label name you choose.

Hi, C.,
Thanks for your time and your reply.
Actually, last week, I had my WINDOWS-10 changed to WINDOWS-19. They also cancelled my WINDOWS-LIVE-MAIL (totally out of date, they claimed) to the eM CLIENT latest version.
I am so sorry they did the latter change as I find the W-L-M superior to the eM-C. For years, the way I removed messages from the TRASH back to the RECEIVED FILE worked without a hitch.
So I wonder why what worked normally then does not apply at all now, although I do exactly the same thing.
Too bad for me! – Thanks again, anyway.

Testing the replacement for WLM in Win 10 called (Mail) it still does appear to have that feature to move deleted mail folders from the trash back to their original or other location using an IMAP acct. So yes be nice to have that feature in eM Client as well if can be done.