Potential new user misses a number of features

eM looks great but…

  1. Move/copy to folder: you should be able to type in (a part of) the folder name in a search field to find and select the destination as it takes too long to click through a long list of nested folders

  2. Short-Cut (Icon) to move/copy to folder

  3. Email tracking: email tracking dashboard
    :heavy_check_mark: notifications when your email is read
    :heavy_check_mark: reminders if your email goes unopened after x hours/days
    :heavy_check_mark: link tracking

  4. Account-specific “Unread” option (not just “Unread” as a favourite across all accounts)

  5. Unfortunately my time tracker (ManicTime) can’t track how much time I spent on each individual email account. Anything you can do against it?

Apart from the Global Unread in the Favorites at the top, you can get specific Account Unread by (the bold numbers) on the right of the folders under each account. See Gmail example acct below.


Yes, but it’s not very helpful when you have 100+ nested folders (Gmail labels) and emails are filtered automatically to skip the inbox.


  1. This is in our to do list for version 9
  2. It’s already there: ctrl-shift-v or you can choose your own shortcut or customize the toolbar and put the Move to folder button to your standard toolbar set up
  3. This is not planned, because:
    a) It is against the privacy and in some countries (European Union for example) against the law (GDPR). It is implemented by workaround with 1x1 blank pictures stored on the servers that are later tracked down.
    b) It simply doesn’t work in many cases and is completely unrealiable, beacuse recipient has to allow showing the images for that particular message. Additionally for some big providers like GMail it won’t work at all, because they actively fight against it by global caching of these tracking images, so the picture is not downloaded from the tracking system server, but from Google’s cache (and Google is not the only one).
    c) it is against the spirit of email. This functionality is present in chat systems where you communicate with familiar contacts you know and always trust. This is not always the case of email.

If you come up with the technology that works and doesn’t break any rules or laws, we are ready to implement it, but it doesn’t seems to be anything like that available.

  1. You can create a search folder with unread for that one particular account or use search term read:no (just put this into the sarch field). Quick filter like that will probably be added in version 9 as well.

  2. we are not aware of this software and currently it is not our priority, sorry with this one.


@Michal_Burger thanks for that info.

I have had the copy to and move to buttons on the toolbar for a few years now as they are very handy, but never knew in the browse windows that came up you could (actually type a few characters) of the folder you want to move it to. Thanks for that info as makes life so much quicker :slight_smile:

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