Postpone incoming messages

I use eM Client version 8, currently it updates every minute with new e-mails.

I am interested in not being continually distracted in my computer work by the new e-mails that I see appearing on the screen while I am using emClient.

I need to receive messages only when I click for a mail update or with a long periodicity of 60 minutes.

I have activated in settings / general “sync items every 60 minutes”, but it keeps updating every minute.

I also tried to set up a rule to shift all messages into a separate folder, but in this ways there are many delays with the in e-mails.

How can I do ?

I do not use IMAP so perhaps doing this will help: MENU > Settings > General > Synchronization and unclick the 2 choices

Perhaps displaying a screenshot of the rule will allow us to review for any problems.

My account is setup as Exchange

I have unclicked the choices in Synchronization but it keeps updating every 1 minute.

I post the screenshot about the rule, it works but with many delays on incoming mails.

With IMAP and Exchange you can’t disable the automatic syncing. IMAP will always be in real-time, and Exchange will always be every 1 minute.

For this to work, you will need to use POP3.
The danger with POP3 is it is no longer well supported, and with providers like Google it will not even be an option in a few weeks due to the changes in security settings with them.