posting files

I have added some color tweaking to a mod I downloaded off this site of eM Client 6, is there a way I can post the file for others to download?
It would be great if we could have somewhere to post moding.
Also I noticed the fonts aren’t available for moding, will that change soon?

Hi, can I ask what moding tool exactly? If it is not harmful or commercial you can put it here and I will look what it does exactly.

No fonts are not editable and it will not change.


John, I just started with tweaking Dark Frost’s theme and customized it to my colour preferences. I thought if there were other customizations possible with other aspects of eM Client I would like to work on those as well.
I don’t use any tools, I just write syntax.

Is it possible to upload files to this web site for others to download? Such as an .emtheme file.

Hi, it is not. Only thing you can upload is pictures. Unfortunately forum is not under our development so there is nothing we can do about it.