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The addressee’s server suddenly no longer accepts the e-mail. The fourth RE mail is therefore not sent. In the meantime, I have already 6 unsent e-mails in the Outbox and every time I close eM Client this is reported. How or where can I delete these mails?

Can you post the error where the message is being rejected?

I think the problem is over because I don’t get the message anymore.

Now I have this message when I want to close the appilication.
“There are one or more messages in the Outbox waiting for shipment. Are you sure you want to close the application?”

All these messages are the same because I tried to send them again and again. To prevent the addressee from getting these messages, I would like to delete them.

Can you help me?

The Outbox is the Local Folders Outbox, which may not be visible. You can enable it in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Then go to that folder and delete them.

I have tried to find the folder you mentioned.
C:>Users>Peter>AppData>Roaming>eM Client>Local Folders

Unfortunately there is no Local Folder Outbox.
Am I looking at the wrong place?

Yes, the wrong place. It is a folder in eM Client.

That’s the problem, because I don’t have this folder!

Then you need to enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General.

Problem solved!
Thank you very much and have a nice day!