Possible to split and schedule massive recipients send in 300 recipients mail per hour?

Hello, my mail server limits me to send max 300 mail per hour. Is it possible to let em client auto split, for example, 6000 recipients into 20 mails with 300 recipients each? Could it be set to send ONE fragment (300) per hour?

I mean, I would like to select all of my contacts and then let the client split it into many “300 recipients mail” and send one every hour. Many many thanks!

Hi Pasquale, that’s unfortunately not possible using eM client’s settings.


Thank you Paul! Could you also tell me if it is possible to share the database between clients? I mean, I would like to have em on two different machines, but I would like to have them synced for contacts and local folders. I don’t have gmail, I use my domain mail server, but when a contact has been modified or added in pc 1 I would like to have it in pc 2 as well. If even local folders could do so, it would be great!

My last question: is it possible to rename/add categories in contacts? I would like to add one or rename “Car phone” into a custom field… I exported a custom field from my previous Outlook contacts in .csv but I really don’t know how to import it inside em client. Thanks again!

Hi Pasqual, sharing a database between two instances of eM Client is highly not recommended. It is unfortunately not possible to synchronize local folders with local folders on your other computer, to synchronize your items you need to use one of the available services for synchronizing calendars/mail/etc…

To import contacts from a .CSV file, please use the built in import feature in File > Import > Import contacts from .CSV file.

Hope this helps,

Thanks again. By “available services for synchronizing” do you mean external resources (as gmail) or something inside em?

I used the built in feature import contacts, but now what does it happen if I do this again, importing the .csv with the same names already imported and the custom fields? Does em create new contacts with the custom fields or updates the existing ones? I would like not to have other contacts, but update the existing ones with that additional field/info.
Is it possible to rename a field, like Jabber, irc, msn, Sons, fax… into something more useful to me, like “met personally” or “business card” for example (I just would like to mark YES/NO inside, as text)?

Thanks a lot Paul!

By re-importing the CSV you would most likely see duplicate contacts, unfortunately it is not possible to use a CSV file to import a single column to existing contacts only or update newly updated information in the CSV.

eM Client does have any server side services, e.g. if you want to synchronize your calendar you have to setup a service that will allow you to do so from one of the supported services, e.g. gmail or a CalDAV service.


Thanks! so I will import everything from scratch, but will em have the custom fields then? How to rename existing contact fields? I am pretty sure that importing a file with custom fields ( by a csv exported from outlook 2003 with http://www.codetwo.com/freeware/outlo…, the only method I found) will lead to fields with english names like, and I would like to keep the italian ones. I also tried to export my existing contacts in em (csv) and reimport them in em, it loses categories and seems… a mess. so that I am forced to reimport original pst from outlook 2003.

Please tell me how to solve this because we are going to buy licenses for our company if the contacts import process is working. Thanks