Possible to see all inboxes in "smart folders" instead of one consolidated one?

Is it possible to get all inboxes in the smart folders area, listed one by one, so I know which inbox I am getting/responding from?  right now they are all consolidated into into one.  Thanks!

Short: no.

I’m using the column ‘Account’ to tell one from the other. If  you order by that column then you get them all ‘side-by-side’. That would be - kind of - what you want.

Hello Nick,
technically the All Inboxes folder is just a special Search folder that puts all your inboxes into one.
I believe the workaround Jorg mentions is exactly what you need though - using the column view sort your messages by the Account column and the Inbox messages will be grouped together by the account.
You can use the small arrow next to each account name to hide the certain group.


Yep, that works, thanks!