Possible to have an email account that does not query server?

I have just switched long time internet provider. I have old email account with years of history buit not I get errors when EM client tries to download new messages. Can I turn off the periodic refresh for this account?

If you simply want to keep the old data, but not have the account sync, you can move or copy the messages to Local Folders, then remove the account from eM Client. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

If you want to keep the account, and it is setup as IMAP, there is not anything you can do to stop the sync. But if the account is setup as POP3 then there are some options. In Menu > Tools > Settings, you can disable synchronization. Disabling synchronization will also affect online calendars and contacts, but will not affect IMAP accounts.

You can also disable the specific account to be synced in Menu > Tools > Accounts.

Another solution is to fix the error you get when connecting to the account. If you want to do that, please post the error here.