Possible to group several tag operations one a single rule?

Is it possible to create a rule in emclient with several conditions?
For example; assuming I made a rule to apply a tag for a specific account, and then another tag for another account, etc, etc, - would it be possible to have one rule carry out multiple tag operations?

This is more a curiosity than a request at this point, as I have several rules, and wondered if there was a way to reduce the number of rules by adding or stacking conditional statements within a single rule type thing.

You can have something like these for certain arguments:
if x then a
if x then a, b & c
if x then a, except if b
if x or y then a
if x and y then a

But you can’t have
if x then a, or if y then b
You will have to create 2 Rules for that.

Does that make sense?

Yes I see

That said, it would appear that my inquiry would fall within the realm of the; ‘f x then a, or if y then b’, category

Which is essentially, multiple statements(or rules), though I was just curious if such a thing were possible, if not only for the sake of decluttering :slight_smile: