Popup missing in sys notify mode, popup always-on-top in non-sys notify mode

VanguardLH, please don’t be offended, but if you have a question to ask, please be succinct about it. I don’t know about others, but I really don’t have the time to read these chapters you are posting that really don’t contain a question.

Otherwise I will just skip anything you post. Hopefully others (maybe others will begin commenting on this forum) will reply to you.

I replied to Martin.  It’s not my fault this forum uses software that flattens the entire discussion to the same level rather than provide hierarchical threading, so you can’t tell who replied to whom.

He brought up eM Client (app version since he mentioned the Microsoft Store) not loading on Windows startup or login.  You wanted me to say it could be done but not describe how?  One reply was how to get the app to load as a startup program (alas with its window displayed on the screen).  Another reply was how to get the Win32 program to load as a startup item AND get it minimized when it loaded.  I covered both.

You said you got eM Client to get listed under Notifications & Actions, so the option to have it use system notifications would work.  Well, now Martin and I can’t get that.  So, another reply to Martin, was to mention that neither the app or program version get listed under Notifications & Actions for me.

I wasn’t asking a question.  I was responding to Martin.  You’ve responded to me, too, but that didn’t demand you submit your reply as a question.  

Another reason my posts are long is that I detail what I’ve already done or found.  No point in having a respondent waste their time making a suggestion and getting irritated with a response of “I’ve already done that.”