POP3 Trouble With New Accounts


I am having with outgoing mail after setting up my accounts. When I use the automated account set up for my 2 accounts, I get all my email downloaded just fine from my server, But when I try to respond to an email the selection box in the upper left corner (where you would choose which account to use) tells me there is no account set up. When I go to the account set up I see that the account is there but the POP3 tab is missing.

So I then tried deleting these new accounts, and instead of using the automated feature I went to the “mail” tab in “new accounts” just below the “automatic set up” feature. Here I was able to successfully set up my POP3 but when setting up my account this way, most of my email is not downloaded from my server. Only a fraction of it comes to me.

Any ideas before I give up on emClient?

Thank you!

Daniel B.


I am sorry for delayed answer. Are your emails still on server? POP3 downloads emails and if not set differently then it deletes them from server so they are lost unless they are backed up or exported.

eM Client should have by default that emails are kept on server but deleted after 7 days.
This is standard behaviour for POP3 protocol not issue, there are email clients which has set delete them instantly after receive by default.

also sending email is done by SMTP, POP3 is receiving protocol :slight_smile:


I do not have the POP3 option when setting up a new account.  I just see IMAP.  How do I get POP3 as a tab option?

Hi Eric, to setup a POP3 account, instead of using the automatic setup, please switch to the “Mail” tab below in the New account window and select the ‘Other’ option. Then proceed with the steps and use the server settings provided by your mail service.

Hope this helps,