POP3 questions

I have just set-up emclient and it seems to have auto set-up using IMAP.  I am used to using POP3 in Windows Live mail (WLM).  Can I change this over to POP3 now and if so how ?

Also the FAQ state that POP3 will delete emails on the server once downloaded.  This was not my experience with WLM - does it have to be the case with em client ?

Any advice is much appreciated.  Thank you.

Yes, you can setup your account as POP3. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add a new account by clicking on the + icon.
Choose Mail > Other.

After entering you email address, choose POP3.

Once the account is setup you can move any messages from the IMAP folders, to the POP3 ones in eM Client, then delete the IMAP account in Menu > Tools > Accounts.
You can specify if the messages will be left on the server by clicking on the POP3 tab for your account in Menu > Tools > Accounts.