POP3 Prob Popping My Brain

Love eMail Client but do suffer from an annoying problem I cannot solve. I keep getting an Operations Box opening advising of a POP3 failure but I can’t find anything wrong in the settings. Any help please. Regards Peter

can you please post the error that it keeps showing?
If there’s no problem with the account and everything is working as it should be, you can turn off error pop-up by going to
Tools > Settings > General, and uncheck “Show window when an error occurs”.

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Thanks Paul I have turned it off. Love eMail Client best one ever used

I also have this problem with my pop3 accounts and turning off the error window doesn’t help because i don’t know if it has an error sending or recieving that way.

Hi Paulo, what kind of problem, are you seeing any specific errors, or what is the behavior of the application?

Thank you,

The same problem as Peter Webb

If you’re seeing any errors, please submit a screenshot of the error here on the forum, or copy the content of the log from Operations when the error occurs, unfortunately this is not enough information for me to help you resolve the issue.

Also please check what version of eM client you’re currently using on your computer, under Help > About.

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