Pop3 Not Working On Mac

No matter what I do I cannot get my yahoo pop3 account to work with emclient, with everthing else like apple mail it works fine. So I create a new account, go to set up “other” email and enter the yahoo details manually.

Then it just says cannot connect to mailbox so I continue anyway and check the settings, it is set to use the non encrypted ports, 110 and whatever the smtp is, so I change them to the correct SSL ports and it still wont connect.

Works fine with imap but not pop3, I have been using pop3 for years with outlook and I am not interested in imap, anyone have any idea why its not working?


Check these settings against your settings…

Yes all settings are correct, still nothing at all. Works on the pc strangely

I am not a “Mac” guy so not sure if this would work as it sometimes works on Windows computers…

Temporarily stop your Anti-Virus and VPN and see if it helps