POP3 message deletion on server

I’m just starting up with eM Client, and I’m confused about some things. I’m moving over from Eudora OSD and before that from Eudora. Between them it’s been about 20 years, so their behavior is pretty much all I know.

My two major email accounts are both POP3 only, I already posted elsewhere that my emails that are older than 7 day are not not being deleted. However, it’s now been several hours, and it seems that all email older than 2 weeks has been deleted. If I wait some more, will it catch up to the 7 days? Or is this an email server issue, which I never noticed before?

If I delete an email that’s in the inbox on the server using webmail, it is not deleted in eM Client. Shouldn’t it? Or is there a way to make this happen? I like using webmail for quick checks, (and to help eliminate SPAM and potential malicious email, but use my client software for serious work, and archiving.

Please help me understand the behaviors of your POP3 implementation.


POP3 does not work this way how you would like to, POP3 can only download emails from server, it can’t synchronize any statuses as read, unread, etc, it simply get all emails that are on server and download them directly to eM Client.

about that email deletion, best to do is setup rule on server that deletes older email there directly so only newer emails will be downloaded into eM Client and it will be much faster.