Pop3 connection problems . . . Pop3 Log problems . . . Zero-byte logs!

My EmClient for Win7 32-bit works fine (for two years). Upgraded to Win7 64-bit dual-boot and cannot connect with pop3 under 64-bit. I have to boot back to 32-bit to get my mail.
Under 64-bit pop3, connection fails. Running diagnostics fixes it, but on the next connect it fails.
I turned on Pop3 logging, then tried connecting a few times, then checked the log file. It creates a zero-byte (empty) log file on first attempt to connect, then never creates another one on subsequent connect attempts.
Shutting down EmClient and deleting the empty log file allows it to create one more zero-byte log file.
Spent hours and hours comparing the setup between 32 and 64-bit clients, and they are identical.
I am at my wits end. Help?

Try to re-create the account and if it won’t help, contact me directly at [email protected]