Pop3 configuration don't work with gmail

I install eMClient on 15 april and choose POP3 with option like screnn copy

but i’ve always mail from 15 april in gmail. They don’t be deleted by eMClient after 10 days.

What can i do ?
Thanks for you help.

Sandrine Lejeune

@Ladybug076 See the below thread reply post from @Gary where the Gmail pop server should actually be “pop.gmail.com” where you have “pop.googlemail.com”. The Gmail Support page verifies that setting as well. So give that a go.


(Garys Post)
One thing to check when using GMail POP, is the server settings. I find that eM Client gets this wrong every time.

host: pop.gmail.com
port: 995
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

host: smtp.gmail.com
port: 465
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Oups … i haven’t modify what eMclient put …
I modify now … and i wait to see if in a few day mails are deleted in gmail server.
And i comme back here to telle you if it’s work better.