POP3 account and lost messages

I had a pop3 account setup and have configured it to delete mails from the server after 7 days. I haven’t run client for about a week. When started, it deleted old e-mails (as it should) but it also deleted the e-mails that I received today (which it shouldn’t). This happened to me 3 times already over the past few months and is clearly a bug in the application. Please investigate.

Who is the email provider?

It’s a private (company’s) email server. We checked the logs and it states that the client issued a delete command.

As you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client, and they will be able to help you further.

We are all just fellow users here so can’t do much besides offering suggestions, and there is nothing we can do about bugs unless someone has a workaround.

Ah.OK. Thanks Gary. I didn’t know how that works.

It would be good to know if they agree it is a bug, or if Support offer some solution.

I’ve just opened a ticket for that. I’ll keep this topic updated when I get some info from them.

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