Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this totally unnecessary pop-up above newsletters and other mails with included unsubscribing link?

Hello Georges,
I’m sorry to hear that you find this feature unnecessary.
It’s for saving the trouble of scrolling through an unwanted Newsletter, which usually include the link at the very bottom.


Hello Olivia,

Thanks for taking your time answering.

Well, to be honest, I still find this feature totally unnecessary. If I get a newsletter it’s because I subscribed to it before. Right? Right. A newsletter is in most of the cases a wanted mail. I know where it comes from and know where to find the link for unsubscribing from it. I don’t want another jerky pop-up which sits there on top of a received mail like a warning sign.

This part of the info-feature was not there in v.6 and I am pretty sure that nobody from the Community asked for it to be added in v.7.
Maybe you should make it possible for the user to customise the information feature and offer a choice like in a menu (right click) or so.
Best regards


I think the idea for that comes from Gmail where Google tries to deliver intelligent shortcuts in the header and list view. I like the feature, but I would always vote for options. Leave the choice to the user!

I can’t tell where the idea comes from and it’s up to anybody to like the feature or not. eM Client must be searching the body of a message to find out if there is a link for unsubscribing from the mail in question. Is that ok with you? I think it’s kind of intrusive and I can sense a snooping behavior here. Plus, the jumping-into-my-face pop-up is in my way .
But, as you said (and I’m totally with you there), eM Client should leave the choice to the user the same way it is doing with the conversation options and many others.

Don’t get me wrong. eM Client is great piece of software but v.7 still needs some adjustments. V.6 was really running very smoothly and so will v.7 soon.

I just tried to unsubscribe via the link provided by eMClient and I saw that instead of simply using the unsubscribe link under the newsletter it went to send a mail to an abuse-address at the newsletter-domain. I stopped it and used the link under the newsletter and with one click it went to the webpage and was unsubscribed. Why use an “abuse”-address? There was no abuse, I subscribed to the newsletter once and simply did not want it any more!?

You clicked on it??? Ooooh. You’re very brave, Andreas. Now you see what I’m talking about. It’s even worse than I thought. My newsletters I get are non-abusive. I want them. So, why do I need this intrusive ‘unsubscribe’-option? @Olivia Rust: please have this nonsense removed with the next up-date of eMClient . Thank you.

Well, there are conflicting interests. I like the option and would like it more intelligent. abUsing the “abuse” mechanism for unsubscribe is a slap in the face of unobtrusive newsletter providers. In some cases that may produce real problems due to automatic reactions by the newsletter-software.

On the other hand an intelligent function that finds the real unsubscribe link to carry you to the website would have to scan the email, something other people don’t like. (I don’t mind in this case)

When trying to unsubscribe from the eMClient forums notifications it gets it the right way: it goes to the website and I see the notifications settings. So in some cases (when it already knows the right url?) it is an “unsubscribe” function, in some, silently, it works as an abuse / report spam mechanism.

Maybe this could at least be clarified by eMClient how this works and if this is the intented behaviour. (But then the link should state what it really does…)

Yes, you’re right. And before having users complaining about an issue in endless conversations eM Client should first check their new features thoroughly and what you found out in a self-made field test should be done by the programmers of this software.


Options in emClient is something that the developers don’t really like. I’m trying to get rid of a single confirmation dialog for months now that is really annoying and frustrating to always confirm, but the devs are thinking they do me/us a favour and keep it.

It’s so simple to include this “do not show again” checkbox, but obviously other things are more important to them…

https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/-do-not-show-again-option-for-rules-execution-dialog already 11 months old and still not included in v7!!!

I tried the unsubscribe-function a few more times. Most of the times it worked as expected; the “abuse” case seems to be an exception. More info on how this is handeled would still be highly appreciated.