Pop-up notification meeting invitation (Calendar)


When I’m working and eMail minimized to tray, I periodically miss invitations to events in the calendar (CalDav), as there is no pop-up alerts, such as the same as when a new email come, can i enable or configure this option? Becouse it’s very important for me, and i’m think for most users of ur great programm =)

Thank You.

Hi Stanislav, calendar items do not have a notification by default, you would have to setup a reminder for an event in order to be prompted, you can do that when setting up a new event or you can setup a default reminder for your calendar folder, that way you’ll never forget to add the reminder when adding a new event.

You can set the default reminder by right clicking your calendar folder and select Properties, in the Properties window, there should be a “default reminder” option.

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Thank u for answer.

I’m miss new invitations when someone invite me throught network calendar, becouse email client in tray, and no popup alert about someone send invitation to me, like aler about new message.
Reminder work when i’m accept invitation, or set up an appointment itself, but not when invitation just come.

Hi again, most invitations come in as an email to which you’re supposed to reply by clicking attending/not attending link in the mail. If this email arrives to your inbox a notification should be shown, but other than that, there are no other ways for reminding you that you’ve been invited to an event.

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Thank u for answer.

…nonetheless it would be great to have the ability to set user preferences for a popup: we use a CalDAV server so most of the invitations DON’T come via e-mail and many users are complaining about unnoticed invitations or not realiziing that some invitees have declined events